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  • "I was always in pursuit of positions that I knew I was qualified for, though being a D1 Track and Field Athlete, I spent so many years training to reach the heights of my career that most of my time had gone to my craft. So I never had the time to work and provide all the years of work experience required for most of the roles I seeked. Shift Group helped me realize that so much of what I had done applied to my value in Tech Sales. Their guidance drove me to transition in the midst of the pandemic while navigating the loss of a job and stepping into new motherhood. Not so new to technology but never having held a position in Tech Sales, Shift helped shape my resume, train my expertise and value stance, and provided great interview skills. Shift Group put me in the forefront of recruiters at companies that were a culture fit for my lifestyle and that made sense to my strengths as a Woman Athlete. Shift Group helped me tell compelling stories that showcased my ability to perform in Tech sales with confidence and professional candor. This resulted in my receiving two offer letters from two different companies, in which I transitioned to the finish line with GitLab.
  • Erica Wilson | BDR at GitLab | Olympic/Cal Berkeley Track
  • Turning visitors into leads.

Transition from being an athlete to a Sales All-Star

Shift Group teaches you how to use your inherent traits as an athlete to become an elite technology sales professional.

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About Shift Group

Shift Group was founded by former D1 Athletes with large networks in both athletics and in technology who intimately understand both sides of the market. The premise of the company came from founder JR Butler’s experience as a sales leader at an early-stage start-up and the expensive struggles of retaining sales hires in a fast-growth well funded company.